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GO SAFE is an Olean, NY based company established in March 2006 that operates a website promoting nightlife and entertainment in the Olean area. Our focus is restaurants, nightclubs and live entertainment venues and events such as concerts and festivals appealing to a wide demographic of site visitors. We have added local churches, church events and local sports. Our goal is to offer a site that shows what Olean life is. Olean is more than just the businesses that are here. Olean has a wide group of diversified cultures and cultural activities that define what Olean and the area are. We hope that this site will be of use to everybody from our local patrons to travelers who might be looking for a local synagogue, mosque, church or restaurant or some entertainment while in the area.

      An important part of our mission is the promotion of the city of Olean, NY. also strongly encourages responsible behavior when drinking.

      We reserve the right to reject any posts and/or advertising, in our sole discretion,  that does not fit with the goals of