Stick Tights


Contact info for our band is Colleen Connelly at 716-790-0618 or Gregg Karl (716-378-9549).  

Here is a list of upcoming dates:

Friday, May 13th:  Napoli Pizza, Olean, 7-11

Saturday, May 21st:  Press Box, Olean, 9-1 

Wednesday, June 1st, Napoli Pizza, Olean, 6-9

Friday, June 10th, Talty's, Olean, 9-1

Saturday, June 18th, Press Box, Olean, 9-1

Wednesday, June 29th, Napoli Pizza, Olean, 6-9

Saturday, July 9th, BONAFEST, Allegany, 12-2

Wednesday, July 20th, Napoli Pizza, Olean, 6-9

Saturday, August 20th, RALLY IN THE VALLEY, The Brickhouse, Allegany, 9-12

For bookings contact Colleen Connelly:  716-790-0618 or Gregg Karl: 716-378-9549




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